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Wachiwi/Wambleesha / Aug 21, 2017

Its been some time since a news update was put on the website! I apologize for that! We're nearing the conclusion of Chapter 3, and will soon be starting Chapter 4! Meanwhile, recruitment has picked back up, and we have gotten quite a fair few new...


Hello and welcome, Traveler. If you are reading this, then the spirits have led you to this place for a reason. It is time you found a home.

When I was young, I was raised on the stories and legends of my Tribe. I took pride in the fact that it was the Skyfather who gathered my ancestors together. In my childishness, I boasted that it was because they were stronger and better than everyone else. That was why they were chosen as the Skyfather's favorites.

My father was quick to chastise me for my pride and arrogance. He told me our ancestors were not better than the others, nor were they chosen. They simply listened when others did not, and chose to follow what their hearts told them was right. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you are here, it is because you listened when the spirits guided you here. It is in your heart to defend your people and your world. It is in your heart to fight for what you feel is just and right. I would ask that you add your strength to ours and join us.

Theia-shoush ahmen.

Chieftain of the Whitehorn Tribe

OOC Information:

The Whitehorn Tribe is a Tauren themed, Horde RP guild open to characters of all races. The tribe is devoted to the service of the Skyfather, by protecting and defending the Earthmother and her children during his long absence. The guild concept is loosely based on Tauren Lore concerning the “Gold Dawn” and voices from the earth that lead to the corruption of the Shu’halo people.

The Tribal structure is divided into four divisions called “Spirit Paths”. These paths represent how a character chooses to aid the Tribe, and they are: White (Battle), Green (Healing), Red (Knowledge), and Blue (Mysticism ). We believe that how a person chooses to RP their character is more important than in-game mechanics. So, a character from any class is welcome to choose any of the four paths.

You are welcome to look around the site and forums and read more about us. If you are interested in joining the Tribe, or working with us on a story arc, please contact Wambleesha or Kinarra in-game, or message either of us here on the site.

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